Management Board

Piotr Patłaszyński - President

Founder and owner of Studio Tańca DUET, artistic director of the RELIESE formation, President of UKS DUET. Certified dance instructor, President of the Polish Dance Federation, National Secretary of the IDO in Poland, licensed judge of the Polish Dance Federation, international judge of the IDO. Organizer of many prestigious dance events such as: Polish Championships and Polish Cups, dance workshops. The originator and producer of the annual World DanceWeek at the Gołębiewski Hotel in Mikołajki, and currently at the OSSA Hotel. Since 2010, the Organizer and Producer of the IDO World Championships in jazz dance, modern, ballet / pointe.

Leszek Cichocki - Vice President

Disco Dance teacher and choreographer of the current Polish Champions in the “Adults” age category. Member of the Management Board and first-category judge of the Polish Dance Federation, qualified teacher. He holds the highest (A) dance class in Poland – standard style, and the highest (S) dance class in the world – Latin style. He has won several Polish modern dance championships. As a choreographer and coach, he has won world championships together with his mentees. Dance enthusiast, mentor of another generation of coaches and choreographers.

Szymon Kowalewski - Member of the Management Board

Coach and choreographer of hip-hop dance technique. Vice President of the Polish Dance Federation, President of Sport Club “Grawitacja”. Within the 16 years of activity, the club has enjoyed many successes both in Poland and abroad. His mentees include multiple Polish champions and runners-up, as well as European and world champions. He actively supports the operation of numerous associations which promote dance.

Andrzej Kuźnicki - Member of the Management Board

Coach, choreographer, international judge, consultant of the Norwegian national team, awarded with the title of Ambassador of Szczecin. Actively participates in the Management Board of the Polish Dance Federation. He has represented Poland at multiple European and world championships, as well as won numerous awards (including 50 medals at European and world championships). Awarded with the title of the Best Street Dance Choreographer. He is in charge of the Shock Dance Studio, which has been awarded the title of the Best Dance School. Dancers from the Studio have won more than 100 medals in Polish championships, with over 40 of them being gold.


Anna Polatowska-Zegar - Member of the Management Board

Associated with cheerleading since 1996, firstly as an athlete, next as a coach in first cheerleading association  - WSCh K-12 in Warsaw. Coach and choreographer of cheerleading teams since 2001. Certified jazz dance instructor, aerobics and aqua aerobics instructor and sport manager. Since 2003 judge of Polish Cheerleading Association and since 2012 international cheerleading judge of ECA. Since 2005 member of the PCA Board as secretary and now as a PCA V-ce President and a Head of PCA International Communication Committee. Co-author of national rules, lecturer, and examiner on coach and judges workshops in PCA.

Jarosław Mazur
- Member of the Management Board

Certified dance instructor. Former ballroom dancer and scrutineer judge in Polish Dance Society. Since 2005 scrutineer judge in Polish Cheerleading Association. Since 2008 activist on cheerleading development in Poland, member of the PCA Board as a  treasurer  and competition host.