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International Spring Open 2022 - przypomnienie o terminie zgłoszeń

Dear Coaches, Cheerleaders and cheer dancers, 

We are pleased to send out information for the
International Spring Open 2022.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       As an attchement we send you the registration form, all information about the championship and all offered categories. In the upcoming weeks we will send out information about tickets and event merchandise,etc. so stay tuned for more! The Austrian International Spring Open will be on April 10th 2022 at Landessportzentrum St. Pölten. St.Pölten is the capital city of Lower Austria and very good to reach by train from the Airport.

The Lower Austrian Federation has a special goody for the all over champion 2022. We want to organize a great international championship with international certified Judges from the WC and Europeans- not only in Austria. So it´s a great chance to get the last feedback before the ICU Worldchampionships.

For all Adaptive - and Special Ability Teams we have a SPECIAL OFFER: If a team (club- or Nationalteam) of your country takes part at the championship, your Adaptive- and/or Special Ability Team including coaches and entourage don´t pay registration fees for the championship!! 

Since the ÖCCV regulations are adapted to the ECU regulations, it is available for download at http://www.cheerunion.eu/competitions/rules/rules-documents/

The Championship will take place three weeks before the ICU World Championshios and therefore we`ll offer special offers for the registration fees for all National Teams!

We are looking forward to welcome numerous national and international clubs and a great Austrian International Spring Open 2022! 

Don´t hesitate to contact us for any further questions. 
Best regards,
Lower Austrian Federation


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